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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Jul 10, 2009 8:21am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Dylan and the Dead

As a huge fan of both artists, I can't say that the tour really "worked," good idea on paper, but in execution , didn't gel . Though they loved each other's music, their working methods didn't connect . As Jerry said "we love Bob, but we have some musical problems with him... like beginning and ending a song" .
Dylan, in the studio, was at one time, and extremely effective singer, one of the most sensitive in pop, once you got past his deceptively rough voice . Live, since the 70's at least it has been another thing . And this tour was him at his vocal worst , even on the c.d., it is hard to understand what the hell he is singing . "Serve Somebody" has new lyrics, but what they are...
Sad to say, two of his worst albums, Dylan, & The Dead, and Down In The Groove, are the ones mostly closely associated with our boys .
What could have worked was some sort of Dylan/Garcia pairing ( acoustic )?
, But was not to be . Sorry for the long post , I have thought about it A LOT over the years , could go on and on , on "what went wrong".

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Poster: fenario80 Date: Jul 10, 2009 9:01am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Dylan and the Dead

I don't disgree with you - except to say that his vocals since 1970 have been ... more unpredictable than just plain bad.

He turned in some incredibly sensitive vocal performances, especially in the early to mid-90's, so I would say it's been hit or miss - mostly miss - but he could still turn it on from time to time. Weirdly those times seem to have been mostly in Europe or the UK, although the late 1997 tour right after Time Out of Mind was consistently very good.

One thing is for sure, 1987 was the absolute bottom of Bob's vocal style, also reputedly the absolute height of his drug addiction. What a coincidence!